5,000 PLN Loans – Completely Online for 18 Months

Zengga increased the amounts of available loans to PLN 5,000 and extended the maximum repayment period from 12 to 18 monthly installments.

Online Loans for 18 Months

Online Loans for 18 Months

It just so happens that recently I had some quarrel with which the main theme were companies providing non-bank loans. I’ve been watching this type of offers for at least a few years and I can see perfectly how the costs of this type of loan are lower. This is reflected in the large competition that prevails on the non-bank loan market.

Just today I received the best confirmation of my words – a new Wongi offer that increased the limit of installment loans from 3000 to 5000 PLN. By the way, the company also increased the loan repayment period from 12 to 18 months. Simply increasing the limit was not a surprise for me, because I expected such a step from Wongia. This company has been doing very well in our domestic loan market recently. I knew then that sooner or later the company would increase the amount of available online cash, just like companies that are their main competitors, such as Fareas or trucredit.

Zengga, however, has one more ace up his sleeve – namely the cost of loans. The first thing I did when I learned about their new proposal, I checked what the cost of borrowing the highest possible amount would be with the maximum repayment period. I am talking about the loan amount of PLN 5,000 with the repayment period broken down into 18 monthly installments. The cost of such a loan in Wonda amounts to PLN 441 a month and now find me another company that offers me a loan installment at a similarly low level. Until now, you can guarantee that you will not find one, unless in a bank.

I must admit that the new Wongi proposal is very tempting. All the more so if we take into account that it is still a non-bank loan, it is still a loan which we will get completely via the internet. For this without having to leave the house, we receive cash in two days, not the next day, but on the same day. In most cases, the loan transfer takes place on the same day as the application is sent. Well, unless we put it in the evening, then we will have to wait for cash until the next day.

I have already written about the terms of obtaining a loan through Wongia, but it does not hurt to repeat it. The main condition to be met to get a loan in Wonda is to be over 18 years old and a valid ID card. It is also important to have a clean account in various types of debtors’ registers, in short – do not have any major debts.

A loan for PLN 10 – it is also worth mentioning that Zengga still has a promotional offer for new customers. They can borrow the first loan on promotional terms for PLN 10. However, this applies only to short-term loans with repayment of no more than 60 days.

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