First Minute for PLN 0 – up to PLN 3,000


Another company decided to join the group of companies in which the first minute is available for PLN 0. SureCredit – a company well known not only from the Internet, but also through stationary outlets, has just introduced a free reminder for new customers.

The first minute for PLN 0 to PLN 3000 in SureCredit

The first minute for PLN 0 to PLN 3000 in SureCredit

The SureCredit company is a well-known brand because, apart from being present on the internet, it also has fixed outlets throughout Poland. In recent days, the company has decided to join the group of companies through which we will get the first loan completely for free . This type of promotion is, of course, only for new customers who use the first loan in the company. The condition for taking advantage of the free promotion is the repayment of the entire amount borrowed, in a period not longer than 30 days. The maximum amount we will borrow as part of such a free payday is PLN 3,000.

The terms of obtaining a loan in SureCredit are very similar to most companies providing similar loans. The most important criterion is to have 18 years of age and income to repay the loan within the set deadline. In addition, it is necessary to have a mobile phone, bank account and an active e-mail address. To obtain a loan, it is necessary to make a verification transfer for 0.01 PLN from your bank account. The first step to getting the first minute for PLN 0 is to complete a short application online. We should include in it your name and surname, the personal identity number and a mobile phone number.

The owner of the SureCredit brand is Spółka Akcyjna Capital Service, which has been operating on the domestic market since 1999. Currently, the company has 100 fixed branches in Poland, offering loans with a one-off repayment, installment loans, as well as cash loans up to 200,000. zł.

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