Christmas greetings sayings for Dad 2015 from Kids

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Dad

Christmas greetings sayings for Dad

Dad, you are an inspiration–
Not only to me and our whole family–
But to the trees that live on our property.
They told me to say that the birds
Are overrated and that they could use
Some extra mowing this upcoming year.

Wish You Merry Christmas 2015


Love you Dad for being the
Best mentor and supporting
Me in whatever I do.
Though I may not be the best daughter
But you are a perfect father for me.

Wish You A Merry Christmas Father


Dad you acted as Santa
To make me happy,
You struggled to avoid my struggle,
I am blessed to have you as my Dad

Happy Christmas 2015


All those clichés about Dads and
Fishing come from somewhere.
This year ahead let’s try
To spend more time together.

Merry Christmas Father


Father, your love and example
Are the gift this year.
Thank you for being
Who you are…..!!!!

Merry Christmas 2015


Thank You Dad For being
My pillar of strength
And Fountain of wisdom
Thank You for everything you are.
Christmas is more beautiful
When you are around.

Wishing You Merry Xmas 2015


On this Christmas day
I want to thank you Dad
For being the best
Father in the world,
For supporting me always and
Making me realize my strengths.
Thank you for everything.

Merry Christmas Dad


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